J&T Banka

Investment deposit

Your deposited money will be divided into two parts while you can choose the ratio 30/70, 50/50 or 70/30. One part will be placed conservatively on a term deposit, the other will be invested. You can choose a suitable mutual fund - J&T BOND EUR, J&T SELECT or J&T PROFIT - for your money.

While the first part of your money will be put on safe term deposit with the most favourable interest rate on the market, you can increase the value of the other half by investing in mutual funds which are combinations of several investment instruments.

Term deposits

Our bank deposits have long been among the best on the market. When creating a term deposit at J&T Bank, you also become a member of the exclusive Magnus Club and can enjoy a selection of hundreds of exciting benefits.

Deposits redeemable at notice

Our deposits redeemable at notice are the most favourable savings products on the market, allowing money withdrawal even when deposited for a long term. They aim to increase the value of funds deposited, with the option to withdraw the finances after a chosen period of time since the notice is set.


The adequate distribution of investment risks while maintaining liquidity and potential profit is best achieved through mutual funds. J&T Bank can provide you with the purchase of funds with various investment strategies.


Bonds are a reasonable compromise between bold and potentially very lucrative investments in shares and bank deposits.


Bills of exchange programs extend the range of investment opportunities the bank offers its clients. Such also expand the funding opportunities for current bank customers.

Investment Gold

Investment gold is a long-term and safe investment. Its purchasing power has hardly changed over the centuries so it serves as an ideal store of value.

We can provide companies and government with the care of a private bank.